Brad LongIs the founder of Automobile Recovery Bureau in 1963, Brad has been a long-time member of American Recovery Association, Allied Finance Adjusters and National Finance Adjusters. He has served as director, vice president, president and chairman of the board of National Finance Adjusters. He has also served as a primary emcee for years for the national conventions of NFA and ARA. In addition, Brad often conducted the locksmith seminars for NFA and ARA, and frequently participated as a keynote speaker of seminars for skip tracing at banks and credit union meetings.

Using his engineering talents, along with his son Brian, Brad invented, manufactured, and marketed the hideaway wrecker unit known as “the illusion”, exclusively for the recovery industry. He was awarded a U.S. Patent on the padlock design. He has sold nearly 1,000 “illusion” units nationwide since its launch.

A proud 1958 graduate of Texas Tech University, Brad has a bit of a rodeo cowboy background with a love of plain speaking, straight shooting, and ability to take the jolts and bounces of business and still stay in the saddle.

Brian LongAs CEO of nationally respected Automobile Recovery Bureau in Houston TX, Brian is an innovative leader who is always thinking “outside the box” for better ways to do things, better solutions, more efficient methods, and how to make use of cutting edge technologies and tools to improve his business and benefit his customers. Brian is a dedicated member of American Recovery Association, National Finance Adjusters, Time Finance Adjusters and Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. He has previously served as President of American Recovery Association and is currently an active ARA board member. Brian attended the University of Texas in Austin. He has been a Licensed Private Investigator for the past 15 years, and is CARS Certified.

Vaughn ClemmonsAs  President and General Manager of Automobile Recovery Bureau, Vaughn helps keep people and processes focused and running efficiently on a day-to-day basis. A proven manager, Vaughn is a former ALSCO of Houston owner/operator. He’s also a former Board member for ALSCO and a Licensed Private Investigator for the past 20 years. Vaughn has a degree in criminal justice. He has participated as speaker of seminars for skip tracing and recovery agents. He’s led numerous skip tracing and repossession workshops. Vaughn is an active member of Texas Associations of Licensed Private Investigators, and is CARS Certified.