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  The Houston Repossession Industry Is Changing
Please come for a tour.
Feel free to contact us at
1-800-231-0145 to discuss
our services. Our local
Houston number is
We are the Automobile Recovery
Bureau, Inc., P.O. Box 450205, Houston, TX 77245 - A Houston repossession company serving the Houston area for over 54 years. Things are different today. Faster. More sophisticated. More Complex.
Fifty years ago Houston repo
assignments came over the
Then came faxes, and now we are in the computer age. You can download our assignment form in PDF format from this website, and fax it to us 24 hours per day, or you can
communicate with us via computer link or email.
One thing has not changed at Houston Repo. We still answer the phone with a friendly voice every business day, during business hours. You will not get voice mail. The representative who answers the phone will be a knowledgeable member of our staff who will be able to answer your questions, or direct you to the person who can. No excuses. Many of our
employees have been with us over 15 years.
They have the answers you need.
Automobile Recovery Bureau, Inc, Houston will handle your Houston, Texas
repossession assignment in a professional manner.
All personal data will be kept confidential according to the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act. We use Class 3 shredders to protect every paper from falling into the wrong hands. Our nine-acre Houston local repossession facility with indoor staging area is a modern,
up-to-date facility run with military like precision.
The President of our company, Brian Long, is here every day. He supervises every activity, and each employee knows they must meet his standards. If a client is unhappy, Brian takes the call. If someone has a problem, Brian gets it fixed. This is "hands-on" management, and it means you have a Houston local repossession company that will respond to your needs.
We are members of every major repossession trade association such as American Recovery Association, Time Finance Adjusters and National Finance Adjusters. Our insurance is the very best. In other words, we do business right, and we have been doing the Houston local repossession business right for over 54 years.
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