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Why ARB?

because we are

the smart choice

Customer Service, We Offer Elite Solutions

We offer an elite solution, one in which the product and services we deliver is a combination of benefits far superior to the alternatives.

Overcoming Obstacles 

The ultimate reason people do business with us is we address their problems with solutions that are Industry proven.

Connect with Customers

We get to know our customers needs by investing time and effort towards concluding assignments as quickly as possible, this adds value to the relationship.

Industry Leading Products

ARB of Houston has been in the auto recovery business for 60 years, Organizations do business with us because we take an innovative approach to each assignment we handle.

City View

“The level of respect ARB extended these and others where I have been involved, make me confident you can trust Vaughn and his staff to do their part to help your company achieve its goals including try to protect your company’s relationship with your customer in the process."

La Chunia Steadford / San Antonio Credit Union

Compliance Initiative

As members of the American Recovery Association our employees are provided with monthly webinars, quarterly seminars and continued education on all phases of laws and practices that relate to our business.


Automobile Recovery Bureau, Inc. requires its employees to undergo annual background checks. With our weekly huddles, we ensure our employees are up to date on any changes in Local, State of National laws as they change. Automobile Recovery Bureau, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of compliance.


Finally with quarterly safety meetings for our drivers, we thrive to ensure our drivers are aware of the importance of their safety as well as the safety of the general public as it relates to vehicle recovery.


Automobile Recovery Bureau understands the need to have top of the line equipment to ensure all repossessions are handled safely and quickly, Wheel Lift self loaders allow our drivers to secure most vehicles without leaving the cab of their trucks. With laptops in each vehicle, we maintain a paperless system that minimizes risk to the consumer. 

Connect with Customers

The mission of Automobile Recovery Bureau is to provide vehicle recovery service to financial institutions. To maintain a level of respect, dignity, and accountability to the consumers we encounter, while providing proven innovative methods to secure and recovery outstanding debts.

Our Vision:


Our vision at Automobile Recovery Bureau is to always serve as a conduit to the auto recovery industry. 

Our Values:

  • Family and enjoying life

  • Professionalism

  • Dedication 


Our Goal:

  • To provide services with Integrity

  • Results

  • Continued Relationships


Our Objective:

  • To always achieve our customers desired results

  • To provide in the field leverage to our customers

  • To remain innovative while maintaining best practices

  • To always be a partner to our clients 

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