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Car, boat, truck, or equipment has been repossessed? You will need information regarding the repossession process. This site provides you with resources, instructions, and your rights.

If you are a financial client with secured collateral and need repossession services, choose the Automobile Recovery Bureau to handle your loss control needs. This site provides information about our services.

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We are THE Automobile Recovery Bureau, Inc. P.O. Box 450205, Houston, TX 77245 - A Houston Repossession company serving the Houston area for over 60 years. Things are different today, faster, more sophisticated, and more complex. Houston Repo understands these changes and are constantly adjusting our services to meet the growing demands of our clients. Automobile Recovery Bureau, Inc owns and operates a fleet of self-loading, damage free repossession trucks to ensure safe recovery of all types of collateral. GPS systems are installed in all of our company vehicles. In addition, Automobile Recovery has a fleet of cars equipped with DRN Cameras.

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Sixty years ago the repossession industry was not compliance driven, today Houston repo recognizes the importance of staying in compliance, as well as ensuring our employees are trained, educated, and aware of the changes affecting our industry. All our drivers are ARA compliance certified, each driver must meet quarterly continuing education requirements.

We handle every repossession assignment in a professional, confidential manner.All personal data will be kept strictly private according to the Graham-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act. We use Class 3 shredders to protect every piece of paper from falling into the wrong hands. When you hire ARB as your Houston repo agent, you can depend upon total security of any data, documents, and decisions you entrust us with. Our nine-acre Houston local repossession facility with indoor staging area is a modern, up-to-date facility secured and run with military-like precision.

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Our knowledgeable staff of licensed private investigators handle all skip tracing and management of your assignments, our Client Account Service Team (CAST) assist our private investigators on all accounts to maintain compliance of all phases of the account. Houston Repo will never change our commitment to handle all your assignments with integrity and character Our management team is here daily and work closely with the President. Every activity is supervised, and each team member knows they must meet ARB's high quality standards. If there is a problem, our "hands-on" management team strives to correct it quickly.  ARB is a family owned and operated Houston repo company that responds to all your recovery needs daily.

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Not your average repossession service.Our truck hits the road, our driver has just one assignment they are responsible for. Of course our services may cost more, but, how much does it cost you to charge off an account and never recover the collateral?

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Our hours of operation and days of availability vary. Please use the portal below to make an appointment.

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